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Case Studies

Department of Trade & Industry
The director of Export Control wanted to instil greater team spirit and raise the morale in her 123 strong department. Following a rigorous selection process Leap was selected to provide facilitation and training during a 2 day session. Having had somewhat disappointing experiences with other providers the client was looking for something imaginative and different.

During the course Leap used a wide variety of activities, amongst them "The Birthday Game". This was used to break the ice. Everyone needed to line up in order of their birthdays - a relatively simple task, except that no one was allowed to speak!

For another activity - NASA Moon Survival, Leap personal dressed up as astronauts and walked in to music from Apollo 13!

During the course participants were encouraged to use their whole brains - creatively as well ad logical. One example was when the teams were encouraged to finish the day by drawing pictures of the most important learning points. This approach ensures a much higher retention of the training material.

Commenting on how successful the day had been the client observed that all the staff got to know one another as individuals and worked successfully across teams with people they did not know. The client found the Leap team to be lively, enthusiastic, easy and approachable.

Brands Hatch
The Brands Hatch team are made up of strong individuals. The Group Activities Director knew that to develop further the team needed encouragement to work more closely together. Having been recommended to Brands Hatch Leap's major objectives was to encourage the team to work together and to listen and appreciate each other so they could more effectively carry out key procedures.

The training was spread over 2 days and 30 members of staff were trained each day. The brief was to create activities that were out of the ordinary

For example Jailbreak had the team wandering unknowingly across the border of a small independent banana republic. Captured and jailed by corrupt local authorities the team had to plan their escape from jail while their captors were asleep!

Contrasted with this was the range of classroom-based activities, which were effective as they made the participants step back and reflect.

Since their training with Leap, and their associates there has been a noticeable improvement amongst the staff. According to team leaders,. Team members and not only helping one another more, but punctuality, motivation and appreciation of the other team members has improved.

Prudential Portfolio Management
The Director of Client Services needed to train 40 employees. The training needed to be fun, informal, unpreserved, but linked to the workplace.

A blended learning approach from Leap mixed outdoor activities including bridge building and treasure hunts with classroom work in the form of debates, presentations and brainstorms.

John Wright, the Client Services Director said, "The end result was good fun, well organised and balanced", The physical pursuits combined with classroom work where people were suddenly required to think much harder without the impetus of physical work, was extremely effective. Describing Leap's work as enthusiastic and challenging he observed that the response to the event was unanimous everyone benefited. The course feed back was enlightening and formed the basis for ongoing discussions on identifying the attributes of an excellent team.