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The McQuaig Profile

Are You Hiring and Promoting the Right People?
Have you ever hired a competent person who was unable to get along with others?
Have you promoted one of your best workers to find that person incapable of leading?

The McQuaig System™

What should you look for when selecting and assessing?
  • Aptitude– speed and accuracy of learning, intelligence, skills, knowledge
  • Temperament – innate behaviour, how they do their job
  • Character – developed behaviour, attitudes, motivation, stability, maturity
The McQuaig System™ will help you...
  • To define behavioural requirements for every job
  • To focus interviewing on preferred behaviours
  • To support personal development
  • To understand how the individual will relate to training and development
  • To identify the role that would be adopted in a team setting
What are the benefits?
  • User-friendly software makes it quick to use with everyone
  • Expert support gives you maximum use of the system in:
  • Recruitment
  • Promotions
  • Organisational redesign
  • Continually enhanced system keeps you up-to-date with latest HR requirements
  • Saves time, money and mistakes
  • User confidence - over 90% of our clients renew each year

Why The McQuaig System™?

For your Company
  • Has proven validity – over 90% of our clients renew each year
  • More cost effective approach to psychometric testing
  • Is user friendly and quick to run (20 mins for full report)
  • Applicable to every role
  • Enables synergy for recruitment and promotion throughout your organisation
  • Enhances team development programmes
  • Improves employee progression planning
  • Helps reduce employee turnover
  • Gives tangible cost saving
  • Improves structural reorganisation
  • Is multilingual
For your Line Manager
  • Gives you a suite of easy-to-use tools to recruit, manage, train, gain 360° feedback and build effective teams
  • Helps you identify what to look for when selecting and assessing
  • Includes expert support
  • Gives confidence in handling interviews professionally with increased objectivity
  • Has proven validity, reliability, accuracy
  • Has a positive impact on team performance
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere through the web-based assessments it
  • Reduces hiring mistakes
For each Individual
  • Places people in the correct position - first time
  • Helps people to be managed according to their behavioural preference
  • Enables personal development based on temperament