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Paul J Stevens

PJ Image "Team Building Expert"
Channel 4 - 'Big Brothers Little Brother'

Specialising in strength deployment inventory (sdi),soft skill training, facilitation and team building, Paul, known as PJ (he’ll explain why when you meet him!) has been described as refreshing, direct and very enthusiastic. He has worked with national and international clients including Virgin, BT Cellnet the DTI, Prudential, Sony, Lotus and the European Central Bank. He has a very keen sense in marrying up the way people behave to how they perform in business and making small changes to behaviour that make big differences to performance.

PJ says “I help people understand, prepare for, and do what they do, more efficiently and effectively with less stress and more success using their resources wisely. We are human beings, not human doings, so being our best, being motivated and being responsible is important, if we want to succeed. It is human nature to want to act, not be acted upon, so I help clients to make decisions and be positive on route to their perfect situation – enjoying it all as they go.”

He is highly motivated and produces results that empower clients to make a difference, giving participants and companies excellent return on their investment.

Alongside his corporate work, PJ also works with professional sports people helping them with motivation, thought processes, outstanding behaviour and goal achievement. Their many trophies are testament to PJ's success.

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