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Picasso Team Building

Prices start at £125 per person

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Picasso Image Picasso team building events can be offered as 2-4 hours of fun, creativity and team building, and can be faciliated to give people and performance benefits to the team and business.

Thieves have stolen a valuable Picasso painting from a New York Art Gallery. As they make their escape, they cut the painting up into smaller pieces. In the chase some of the thieves dropped many of the canvases that the police have recovered. This painting is due to be exhibited in two days time ~ that’s where you come in…

You are (and you might not know this!) in fact a modern art forger and we desperately need you to fill the missing blanks…

The group will be divided up into teams of 5 –8 and will be set a task to complete 4 canvases that must all fit together to make one complete abstract painting.

It’s not all that simple however. For example teams have no paints – they must earn their colours by completing a variety of tasks set through the afternoon – these will range from solving dingbats to constructing a flying machine. Teams will earn 1-paint per completed challenge, so they have to complete as many tasks as they can in order to gain the required colours. From the black and white example, teams must work out how to paint their section of the masterpiece. There will be lots of clues, a grid and advice to ensure they mix the correct colours and that their canvas successfully joins the next canvas.

Unbeknown to the teams, each one is painting a different section of the same picture. At the end, every team’s effort will be pieced together to make an exact (?!) replica of the original. The painting itself will be very bright and colourful, and when it is unveiled to the group, it can be quite breathtaking.

This event will demonstrate what can be achieved by bringing everybody’s efforts together and that the entire company is a part of the ‘Big Picture’.

Picasso team building events can be offered as 2-4 hour fun, creative team building or can be facilitated to give people and performance benefits to the team and the business! Picasso team building events start at £125 per person..

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