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What We Do

Why do people behave the way they do? What drives them, what motivates them, what influences them? How can you motivate ordinary people to do extra ordinary things, with commitment, self worth and great results? How can teams make full use of all their personal resources? What’s in it for your people to do what they do, better? We have a number of tools and techniques that we use to help people realise their full potential, something not many of us ever do! It’s not about changing who we are, it’s more about making the most of what we’ve got.

Business Growth

Just imagine if all of your sales people improved their performance by just 5%, what difference would that make to your business?

Leap Performance have a number of ways to make this happen. From workshops that improve the skills of the whole sales team right through to individual mentoring and coaching, reorganisations, remuneration packages, in fact, anything to do with the sales team, LEAP can make a real difference to your business performance. Click here for more information

Corporate Team Building

At LEAP we not only understand the value of creating a motivated and high performing team, but we have experience in doing so and can employ up-to-date psychological tools, workshops and events to enable your people to feel empowered and engaged to be and do the very best. These sessions can be standalone training, facilitated team activities or full teambuilding development programmes on sea, on land and in the classroom. Click here for more information


‘Increasing quality of communication between people, thoughts and feelings, leading to greater understanding, commitment and action by pooling ways of behaving to achieve common goals ’ LEAP can provide a professional facilitation service to help you, your people and your business in many ways including running important meetings, helping people deal change management, team problem solving, conflict resolution and goal achievement.

To us, facilitation means getting a group of people to agree on a common goal and all behaving in a way that supports it. Achieving that is not always easy and we have a number of ways in which we approach the task of facilitation. Click here for more information

People Development

‘Develop your people and you will develop your business. People are your business. It is people that drive a business forwards, slow it down or even put it in reverse.’ Click here for more information

Who We Are

Our team has a vast range of business experience and development skills, and our uniqueness is that we have the passion to make individuals and businesses grow and succeed. You can meet the Leap Team by clicking here.

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